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Welcome to my yarn & knitting community! Here you may purchase (or ogle from afar) handpainted yarn from PERFECT PEAR YARNS and things made from the aforementioned yarn.

I also have FREE tutorials and patterns up for everything from baby clothes to wool dreadlocks!

You're welcome to ask for help with projects or show off your stuff made with Perfect Pear yarns!

You can even sell your own stuff - as long as it's made with my yarn or one of my patterns! (please do not post your own stores or projects unless asking for help or also promoting Perfect Pear Yarns.)


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General Info:

Yarn is kettle-dyed or hand-painted in small batches so all your projects will be unique! I use dyes that are safe for babies and sensitive skin. All yarn is colourfast and washable.

General Prices:

I MUCH perfer paypal to maialaia @ yahoo .com but will take money orders in certain circumstances. Please email or post if you need to send a MO.

I HATE to raise my prices, but the cost of wool has literally doubled in the last year. At my 2007 prices I was actually loosing money with every order. I'm not doubling my prices, but I am raising them 1$/skein. As of April 1st 2008, prices are as follows:

See all prices here:


One Skein = 8 ounces/220 grams, about 850 yards
75% wool, 25% nylon, machine washable!
(May dye up DARKER than pictured colourways)
One skein = $36
Two to Ten skeins = $35 each
Ten or more skeins = $34 each
(Yes, it looks crazy expensive, but the skeins are DOUBLE the weight of any of my other yarns. You can get 2-3 pairs of adult socks out of one skein.)


Merino single-ply OR 3-ply:
This is the SAME YARN that Handpaintedyarn.com, Purewool and Malabrigo sell.
One Skein = 100grams/3.85 ounces, 215-220 yards
Gauge: Worsted - 18 stitches & 25 rows per 4 inches on size 8 needles.
One skein = $17
Two to Ten skeins = $16 each
Ten or more skeins = $15 each

Merino Boucle:
This is the SAME YARN that Handpaintedyarn.com, Purewool and Malabrigo sell.
One Skein = 100grams/3.85 ounces, 215-218 yards
Gauge: Worsted - 16 stitches & 24 rows per 4 inches on size 9 needles.
One skein = $17
Two to Ten skeins = $16 each
Ten or more skeins = $15 each

4-ply Ardara (Irish) Wool
light worsted
One Skein = 220grams/8 ounces, appx 500yards
One skein = $30
Two to Ten skeins = $28
Ten or over = $25
SKEIN SIZE HAS CHANGED AS OF 06-01-09 - One skein is now 220grams/8ounces instead of 110/4.

Peace Fleece
30% Mohair 70% Russian Wool worsted
One Skein = 100 grams/4 ounces, appx 200 yards
One to Ten skeins = $11
Ten and up = $10 each

Licorice Twist Merino
light worsted 4-ply
One ply will dye darker than the rest
One Skein = 220grams/8 ounces, appx 550yards
One skein = $30
Two to Ten skeins = $28
Ten or over = $26

50% Alpaca 50% Merino Wool
1 skein - 220grams/8 ounces, appx 490 yds
One to Ten Skeins - $35
Ten and up - $33
SKEIN SIZE HAS CHANGED AS OF 10-20-09 - One skein is now 220grams/8ounces instead of 110/4.
Additionally, the wool content has changed form Corriedale to Merino.

Pima Cotton (super crazy soft with a slight crimp texture)
One Skein = 4 ounces, 270-280yards
This yarn is great for those who don't want wool longies!!!
One or Two skeins: $15 each
Three or more skeins: $14 each


MANOS del Uruguay:
Corredale Wool with a slight thick/thin variation.
One or Two skeins: $14
Three or More Skeins: $12

Chunky Corredale Wool with a slight thick/thin variation.
One or Two skeins: $15
Three or More Skeins: $14

(94% with a 6% nylon thread running through it to create a lucious NUBBLY thick/thin twist.)
One Skein = 4 ounces, 70 yards
One or Two skeins: $16 each
Three or more skeins: $15 each


USA (with delivery confirmation)

1-5 skeins - $5
5-15 skeins - $11
16-30 skeins - $20
Above $30 skeins - email and we'll work it out. (estimate about $11 per every 15skeins)

1 skein = 4oz/100grams, so skeins like the Ardara count as 2 skeins.

CANADIAN (with customs number)
up to 50 skeins - $1.50/skein
51 and up skeins - $1.00/skein

If you live somewhere else I'm happy to ship to you - just let me know whereabouts you are and what you want and I'll let you know your various shipping options.

CANADIANS PLEASE NOTE: Shipping to Canada is very inconsistent. Sometimes things take 3 days, sometimes 8 weeks. I wish I could tell you why, but I don't know.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS (Including Canadians): When I ship I will give you a CUSTOMS NUMBER. This is NOT a tracking or delivery confirmation number, it will only tell you if the parcel has cleared customs in your country. If you want tracking & delivery confirmation it will cost extra (between $12 and $45 depending on the country.)

I (usually) ship on Saturdays and Wednesdays.



I rock the baby clothes!!!! I'm also a whiz with hats & scarves and the like.

My Current Prices:
They may seem spendy, but in the world of babyknits they are darn low!

Longies - Newborn/Small $45 Medium $50 Large $55 Toddler $60
Shorts Newborn/Small $35 Medium $40 Large $43 Toddler $46
Soakers Newborn/Small $32 Medium $35 Large $38 Toddler $42
Sweaters $50-85 (depending on style & size)
Baby Hats $10-26
Booties or Felted Booties (some folks call them moccasins, same diff) $10-$20 depending on size
Sleep-Sack $65-85 (depending on size of child and whether you want a hood)

$5-20 more if you want a fancy stitch, like cables, basketweave, checkerboard etc...

Hats, assorted styles: $18-32
Booties/Slippers/Moccasins felted or not - $25-$40 depending on size

Earflaps - $3 extra
Embroidery $3 and up (Tell me what you want and I will tell you *IF* I can do it and how much.)

BIG kids (ie: larger toddlers) may cost more if I have to use a 3rd skein of yarn. Most kids take two or less.

You can choose any of my colourways. (Or send your own yarn)

Also, let me know:
1. The measurements needed
2. If you would like your item lanolized or if you prefer to do that yourself.
3. On longies/shorts: if you would like purly cuffs, ribby cuffs, seed-stitch cuffs, ruffley or footy (enclosed) toes AND whether you want a drawstring waist or a longer ribbed waist.
(Ruffley cuffs $4 extra because they literally take *at least* a half-skein of yarn.)


$3 OFF on newborn/smalls and $5 medium/large if *I* get to pick the yarn and surprise you! (You still get to say things like "No Purple" or "I already have an outfit in "whitecaps" or "I really love earthtones.")

(Your Yarn My Needles)
$5 off per skein needed if you want to send your own yarn!

Let me know if you would like a slot either by emailing or posting!

If you'd like to see some of my work click on the "show off," "baby clothes" or "hats" tags.

I MUCH prefer paypal to maialaia @ yahoo .com but will also take Money Orders in US dollars under certain circumstances.

My Current Knitting Slots

1. SUSAN - Layette in browns & blues - on the needles
2. skye_blue - shorties in mystery yarn - on the needles
3. Tricia - longies & matching hat
4. Your Name Here!

Knits can take between 2-4 weeks depending on what you want and the number of people ahead of you.
On Hold:
bethien - Longies - Waiting for Measurements
shivacat - Donkle Hat - waiting for yarn choice

Want a slot? Just email me at maialaia @ yahoo . com or simply post a comment!

If you would like to post a link to your knitting journal/etsy/ebay in the community profile, I will do that - but you need to have been an active/posting member for a while first.

I can be reached with questions in this journal or at pear @ brightgirl .net

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